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At Solemaids our mission is to relieve heel pain - so children can resume physical activity and enjoy their sport.

Solemaids – an effective heel pain relief

How do you know if you child has Severs disease? The most common symptoms are pain and tenderness in one or both heels. This pain usually occurs at the back of the heel but can also extend to the sides and bottom of the heel. The child may limp or tiptoe to avoid putting pressure on the […]

Heel pain in children´s feet

Effect of orthotics for children with heel pain We have spent the last 10 years studying what can cause heel pain in children and teens. We know that children are rarely affected by plantar fasciitis, heel spur or heel pad bruises. The most common cause of pain in children´s feet is Severs disease – also […]

Severs disease – overlooked and painful but treatable

During 2017 physiotherapist Per Øllgaard systematically collected data on the condition of children showing symptoms of Severs disease. Results– The children were affected with heel pain and inactivity for more than 10 months on average– Nearly 80% of the children dropped out of sport fully or partially– More than 90% of children had no effect […]

Sports and heel pain

During the winter season, children do most of their sports indoors in sports halls. To prevent injuries during indoor sports, there are a few issues that parents and coaches should look out for. Intensity increases the risk of overload and pain Most children doing sports, weather indoor or outdoor, go through transition periods, when the […]

Clinical research shows that heel pain in children is widespread

Researchers at University of Southern Denmark have been gathering data on children in schools and kindergartens in Svendborg Municipality since 2008 [1]. One of the objectives og this study is to explore whether longer school days has a positive effect on childrens’ health – and specifically whether children experience pain in muscles, heel pain and […]

Test your child

Do you want to test your child due to heel pain? Is heel pain caused by Sever’s disease? ✔ Your child is active in sports.✔ Your child suffers from constant or recurring pain in the heels.✔ You have tried to give your child a break from sports, but as soon as he/she starts again, the […]