– relieves pain so kids can stay in the game

Sever’s disease is the most
frequent impact injury
among children between the ages of 8 and 14


of users report immediate relief from heel pain with Solemaids insoles.

Solemaids insoles help to relieve heel pain caused by Sever’s disease.

Sever’s disease is one of the most common causes of heel pain in growing children and teenagers. The condition is caused by an inflammation in the growth plate of the heel, which can set in when this area is exposed to repeated stress, as a result of high impact activity.

Kids who are physically active or engaged in sports that involve a lot of running or jumping, especially on hard surfaces, have a greater risk of developing Sever’s disease. For these kids, the pain can become so severe that they have to take a break from their sport.

But it’s not the kid that needs a break. It’s the heel.

By suspending the rear part of the heel, Solemaids insoles remove the pressure from this area. This immediately relieves the pain and allows the child to resume physical activity.

With Solemaids insoles fitted in their shoes, active kids won’t have to be benchwarmers.